Corporate Videos
Grapes For Humanity Global Foundation

A great experience on doing this corporate video.  While we have received a very good quality of shoot and we have added flavour on editing.

Real State Corporate Video

This is really a good video.  We have created this corporate video for a Real Estate company to showcase their profile.

Global Exchange Event Corporate Vidoe

The video was created for Global Exchange Event.  This video was done to promote the company and their activities.

Apple a Day Cafe Corporate Video

This corporate film was done to promote this coffee house named as Apple a Day Cafe.

IMA Corporate Video

Again this corporate video was done for the promotional activities of IMA College.  In this we have captured the facilities and activities of the college.

Island World Nassau Bahamas

Done hours of editing for this type of video editing for a video company use to sell footage online.

90 Sec Rome Corporate Video

As the name describing itself, the video output was on 90 seconds about Rome.  This was an ad film to promote tourism of Rome.

Hollywood Pano View Corporate Video

The video was created by Drone with fisheye lens.  For this product, the video editing was done in a different way.

Tour Corporate Video

This promotional video was created to promote the tourism of the place.  In this we have tried to capture the beauty of the place.

Booze Cruise Snorkel Corporate Video

This tourism promotional video was created for Booze Cruise Snorkel.

Buddhism Music Beethoven Corporate Video

This was a very noble job we did.  Video was edited to promote the Buddism and show the beauty of Buddhism.

Spice mp3 Corporate Video

This was an ad film created for Spice Mobile.  We have done the video editing of this in a different way and sound dubbing as well.